What To Do If Your Fobs Stop Working?

Toyota Key Fob is an integral part of the Toyota ownership experience. But, what many owners fail to realize is that replacing the dead Toyota Keyfob battery in a Keyfob can be extremely difficult! Let’s look at some basic ways in which you can avoid doing it yourself, as well as a few basic steps that you need to take to help yourself avoid having to replace your fob again.

Toyota Keyfob Battery Failure – Step One: Remove the dead ignition key from your Keyfob by simply pressing either the keyhole release or the ignition switch lock. If it’s the ignition switch lock, do this slowly as you don’t want to damage your switch. Step Two: If you have found a dead battery in your job, you may want to remove the battery cover before taking it off. It should come off easily, but you will have to clean out the inside and look for any damage to the battery.

Toyota Keyfob Battery Failure – Step Three: If you have found that the dead battery in your fob is still connected to the power source, you can try to pull the wire yourself by simply running the wire back through the fob assembly until you have reached the terminals. If you are unable to pull the wire yourself, then you will have to find a professional to do this for you. Some people prefer to buy a spare battery in order to have an extra, ready to go, in case they need to go and replace the dead one. But, if you are on a tight budget, you may also want to try to replace the dead battery in your fob with a spare battery. A spare battery is inexpensive enough to replace your fob battery, and it will make your job much easier to operate.

Toyota Keyfob Battery Failure – Step Four: If you are not able to use your job as is, then you should attempt to remove the key fob battery itself. This is done by unscrewing the terminal bolts with a nut driver or other similar small flat tool. If the bolt that holds down the battery is loose, you may need to unscrew more than one bolt. If you’re not sure about this step, you can always get a friend to hold on to you while you take it apart.

Toyota Keyfob – Step Five: Once you have removed the battery from your job, you should disconnect the fob assembly from the fob cover. This can sometimes be done by inserting the battery cover’s screws into the wall or floor, or by simply disconnecting the cable that connects the assembly to the cover.

Toyota Keyfob – Step Six: To properly reconnect the job, you should first of all take out the old fob from the existing fob covers, so that you can easily remove the old fob battery. Then you can plug in the new fob, ensuring that it’s secured with the screw that goes with the new battery. The next thing you need to do is connect the new fob assembly to the fob power, using the same screw and cable you used to connect the new battery. Make sure that the fob’s power is turned on before applying the screws to the terminals of the keyfob.

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